The VolksWorld show at Sandown Racecourse was the first port of call. With flyers in hand I received plenty of positive feedback about the new club which was very reassuring. Thank you VolksWorld for the PA announcement.

BigBang, held at Santa Pod, on the Mayday bank holiday was the official launch for the USB. I nervously walked around the fire-up lane to see whether or not anyone would turn up to have a go. After meeting Rikki and seeing various Splits & Bays lining up in the fire-up lane, my confidence was running high that I'd soon see some USB contenders. The Bays were lined up side by side against the BWA busses and infact it ended up 3-1 to the Bays.

- - - - -

First up and to qualify was Steve Buckley in his mentally stretched matt black bus. Running a V8 motor, I had my money on him running a sub18. Infact he ran a sub16! 15.69 to be precise, achieving Silver status. He was over the moon as the only reason for him attending the show was to get into the USB. He certainly enjoyed his tyre burnouts!

in his red/black panel van was next round. His Subaru powered Bay is quick and as a member of the VWDRC, I knew he'd be hard to beat. He launched hard off the line and ran beautifully the whole 1/4 mile. Recording a time of 13.66! Gold membership instantly after one run!! Respect.

Next up was another VWDRC member, Bubbaontour, with his blue fully loaded camper. The Porsche motor was sounding awesome with his two purpose built stingers. To see a camper with its front wheels airborne is an awesome site to behold. He ran a very respectable 14.23, another Silver member on board.

Alex Leiserach (aka Jesus) was next round with his primered panel van. The first Bay with a VW air-cooled engine. Alex couldn’t get enough track time. Infact I'm sure if it wasn’t for his clutch slipping he'd have stayed out racing all day! His 1776cc motor combined with a stinger got him Bronze status with a 17.8. This dude really enjoys his time on the strip.

A big shout out goes to the Santa Pod staff & Brian Burrows for allowing us the track time. Thanks.

- - - - -

BugJam – Santa Pod July 21st-23rd.
Despite the heavy rain on the Saturday, there were plenty of vehicles attending RWYB. It was quite quiet on the Bay front (I guess many of us were too busy elsewhere enjoying ourselves).

Stumpy Vdub in his shortened pick-up running a 1641 turbo'd motor ran a 17.7 though, getting him Bronze membership. Well done. Wheelie bars are next on the list I think.

I've also witnessed Bays at RWYB meetings at London VolksFest (North Weald airfield) and at Flame & Thunder held at Santa Pod once again. Some came close but unfortunately fell outside the qualifying time.

2007 is going to be an exciting year with the emergence of more busses and I look forward to seeing you all out on the track.

There's a lot of blood, sweat and tears (and of course money) that goes into getting a non-aerodynamic and heavy vehicle to run times that they were never designed to do. Respect to you all!

Chris aka Maddog

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