August '15

Firstly a quick apology for the website being offline. Unfortunately we lost our host and it's taken a while to finally sort one out. Huge thanks to Piers Storey for his input and help in getting the site up and running again.

Piers owns a bay and is busy building a whole new engine set-up. He plans to be out in 2016 and become a member. This should be a quick bus, using an Audi TT engine, so fingers crossed for next year! More info can be found on the VWmellow facebook page.



Quickest bus in Europe

You may already know that here in the UK there have been a few BWA buses all aiming to be the first to run in the 11's. Well, on Sat 22nd August at this years VW Action, Santa Pod, one man did just that! Hats off to Trevor Sharpe who owns the gold (hotwheels) splitscreen camper (which is also road legal!).

He ran an incredible 11,5@118 mph!! Massive respect and congrats Trev. He also won quickest bus in the night racing shootout. Now that's going to take some beating!!



Silver membership

Another great PB was set by Jason Turnock in his green early bay at Action, beating his old time by a whole second with a 15,8 run. With that run it has elevated Jason up the pecking order and straight into silver membership - well done mate.

Jason green bay



VW Action night racing top 5 shootout

As usual the night racing at Santa Pod was fast and furious this year seeing 3 USB buses taking 3rd, 4th & 5th place. Myself, Jason and Dixie, respectively, kept the flag flying for the bays. Well done to all involved. My thanks to Simon Letkey for the photos. Check out his FB page

VeeDubRacing Youtube channel

Pics from the night

Maddog bay

Jason bay

Dixie bay



Norwegian gold

The SCC show in Norway saw a battle between three USB buses, all gunning for 13's and gold membership.

It was a closely fought affair with less than 0.6 secs between them! All ran PB's with one achieving gold membership.

Joining the elite is Terje Nyhagebraten. He ran 5 times under 14 secs and as we all know, this is no easy feat. Massive well done and I bet he's still smiling now! Jan & Linda, you are nearly there too. Such close racing, well done guys & girls!

Times as follows:-

Linda Reinli Rustad - 14,35

Linda Reinli Rustad

Jan Holm - 14,06

Jan Holm

Terje Nyhagebraten - 13,79

Terje Nyhagebraten



G'day as our fastest member runs a bonzer PB

Mention Australia and you think of gorgeous beaches, hot sunny days, surfing, dangerous animals, some dodgy sitcoms and Fosters adverts but now the country can boast having the fastest USB member too!
Aaron Roberts has been building and racing fast VW's for some time but his latest achievement is truly remarkable. He's often seen at some tracks which run the 1/8 mile but earlier in the year he drove his '76 camper 3 1/2 hours to the race meet, ran a 11.37 and drove home.

He has converted his bus to use a Mazda rotary engine (a popular choice in Oz) and wow does it shift!! Have a Captain Cook of him on you tube and witness the wheelies he pulls!

It's a 1962cc rotary turbo engine and these love to rev! It's going to take something very special to knock Aaron off the No.1 spot. Huge respect and well done!



Buses galore in Norway

SCC in Norway has always been a popular show with USB members and this year was no exception. With a good turn out of fast bays from various countries I was expecting some fun, close racing and from what I've heard it was just that.

Two existing and well loved members recorded personal bests :)
Jan Holm in Losen 14.36
Terje Nyhagebråten 14.45

We also welcomed 2 new members from the SCC show:

Linda R Rustad (from Norway) who qualified straight in with Silver after running a best time of 14.99. Our 37th member and 2nd female racer! Linda's bus is a '68 crewcab with a 2.1L watercooled turbo engine (WBX). An exceptional time on just her first outing but watch out boys, I'm told she has Gold in her sights for next year ;)

Puavo Haapalainen (from Finland) with a Bronze membership qualified with a 16.81 in his '72 crewcab. Running a 2276cc with IDA's this has lots of potential. Incredibly he drove his bus from Finland (just over 2,000km round trip/350 litres of petrol). Myself and Alex know what it entails to do such a journey with a big engined bus. Hats off to ya Puavo!

As you can probably tell, pick-ups seem a very popular race vehicle in parts of Europe, especially crewcabs as they are so versatile. The USB certainly has a nice mix of body styles and engines which for me make it even more interesting and entertaining.



May '12

A huge well done to Paul Moore in running a new PB of 14.42 recently. Paul has been busy over the winter modifying is motor to go quicker and quicker and ran 6 passes all in the 14's!! He tells me he was having a few problems with his stroker motor that’s turbo’d and runs NOS and is hoping next time out to hit the 13's!! Paul definitely wants Gold membership. We wish him well in his quest. His new time moves him up the leader board too.



SCC 2011

This year I left the bus at home and decided to fly to Norway to visit SCC, help out our USB members and catch up with friends.

Espen had recently fitted his eagerly awaited JMR 2110cc engine and was hoping to get into the club. Jan had his crewcab ready and was hoping to improve on his 14.7 and Terje Nyhagebraten was looking for better times in his beautiful early crewcab.

I was impressed by the amount of buses racing at SCC this year, both splits and bays. The weather wasn’t always kind to us but between showers there was plenty of track action. Espen was getting used to his new engine, his times improving with every run, although he missed out on qualifying by 0.4 secs. I’m sure it won’t be long before he runs faster and becomes a member. Jan had a few issues with his shifter but once this was sorted he ran twice into the 14’s, one of these runs producing a PB of 14.65. I knew as soon as I saw his run that he was flying, it all hooked up and went like a bat out of hell. Terje Nyhagebraten was having issues and was running consistently in the 18’s although his burnouts were very impressive and I love the stinger which comes out of the right-hand side of the bus!

Several other bays were aiming to get into the club and two buses made it! Congrats to Jorgen who now owns Jan’s old blue camper. He hadn’t raced the bus before and was very nervous about trying but after some words from fellow racers he decided to have a go. His times were also getting better and on his final run he ran a 17.88.

Pick-ups were definitely popular this weekend. Stefan Mälman from Sweden had brought his green single cab from the famous ‘turbo town’ and was producing many fast runs. He qualified as a Bronze member but had Silver in his sights. After a tweak to the turbo he ran a best of 15.3. He’d not run the bus before but this didn’t look the case with his times.

Welcome to the USB!

Well done to Jan for getting 3rd place in the buses class and to everyone that attended/raced. I just wish I’d have taken my bus too ha-ha.




This years EBI4 held at Chimay in Belgium was huge! It was my first experience of the show and I have to say I was very impressed. 5 buses travelled over to Belgium, 3 from the club, all intent on racing over the weekend. A very early start for us, arriving at Dover at 5am, we managed to get an earlier ferry which enabled us to get to the show by Weds lunchtime.

We were the first there, with many other UK dubbers arriving later or on Thursday. We set up camp next to the burnout box as Autotechniks had been assigned to look after the area. Of course we had to try it out ourselves and although we had one breakage on the Weds (CV joint), Mat soon had his van fixed for racing at the weekend. Most of our vans were out at some point over the weekend pleasing the crowds in the burnout box. Plenty of tyre smoke and cheers throughout those days, particularly pleasing to watch was Mark in his deluxe doing loads of donuts!

2 of our team were asked to do the scruitineering on race days, well done to Rob & Terry for spending their mornings checking all the race vehicles.

Mark had an issue with his engine so wasn’t able to race so we all decided to go out on the Sat afternoon when we had clear heads! Dixie joined us which made 4 members on track but we did have some new members qualify too! Congrats to Mathew Brown (from Autotechniks) in running a 17.1 and Vincent Grangier (from France) in running a 16.28.

Rob became a member as well, running a 17 in Alex’s bus – his first ever attempt too! Talking of Alex, he was out playing with his new slicks and ran a PB of 15.3, well done mate! By Sat my rear tyres were nearly bald (maybe one too many burnouts haha) but luckily I’d taken a spare set of wheels/tyres so I was legal to drive home. I was very happy with my 15.4 and 15.5 runs, nothing broken and getting home in one piece. One of the best shows ever, we’ll definitely be back in 2013!

Oh and one last thing - For some of us it was our first time and wow does the local beer knock you for six!! For anyone who’s tried the Chimay beer you’ll know what I’m talking about haha.




European Bug-In 4 will be graced which the presence of at least 4 USB members this year. 6 buses are cruising over on the Weds before the event and we are looking forward to a great show, some awesome burn-outs and some quick racing. To anyone attending, we’ll see you there! Get your camera’s ready!



Another Silver member

Congratulations to Paul Moore in his ’74 camper in becoming the latest member to set a new PB. Paul is already a member, qualifying originally with a 17.1 sec run but has recently been trying out a few things with his NOS at York Raceway and has now run a very respectable 15.9. Great work Paul!



Big Bang ‘11

Once again Big Bang saw USB action as members turned up to improve on their PB’s and get some track time after a long winter break. The weather forecast for Saturday wasn’t looking great so most of us decided to run on the Friday as the weather was perfect. Out with their buses were, myself, Alex, Mark from AutoTechniks and our latest member Neil with his Subaru powered late bay. A wise move by us as Friday was the quieter of the two days, probably as many people were still arriving and setting up camp. With the fire-up lane thin on cars it meant we got to run several times between cooling our engines down.

We had great fun racing each other and other types of vehicles. Alex & Mark had two ‘heads up’ races, both won by Alex and even though they had passengers, he managed to pop a wheelie too!!

I also had two ‘heads up’ races against Alex. The first one, well that didn’t go to plan as I’d not turned on the NOS bottle so after 2nd gear I cruised down the ¼ mile leaving Alex wondering where I’d got too. I then had a run against a MkV Escort, lowered, stripped out and roll caged I surprised him by crossing the finish line first. Every run I was improving on my PB as was Alex so when it came to our last run of the day it was going to be a close affair. We’ve always had close racing but this topped them all!

Alex had fitted both buses with his Go-Pro camera’s that captured our best ever run together. Alex got a 0.2 reaction to my 0.4 so I was playing catch up all the way. I worked out that I was catching him by roughly 1½ mph at the top end but although I ran a faster time, Alex pipped me to the finish line by 300th’s!!! It was an awesome race, our best ever plus I recorded a PB of 15.4 secs.

During the afternoon Alex also ran a PB of 15.4 with Neil running close to his PB with a 14.5. Mark had a few issues at the start line and was in the 17’s. Friday night/early morning saw the rain come and it wasn’t till near lunchtime that the track was open. The fire-up lane was very busy so most of decided to watch the racing or help crew for others. Dixie was there with his Bay although not running but Steve (two benders) was out in his early bay running high 17’s/18’s and I witnessed our latest member qualify in his early bay.

Congrats to Paul Phillips, Russ’s bro, who completely surprised himself with a 17.8, his camper still full of camping gear, bike rack and beer now there’s two Dormobile’s racing in the USB! You can see my runs against Alex in the Gallery and for more vids check us out on Facebook.