To qualify as a member you must drive your VW Type II
Baywindow, of any year or model, along a ¼ mile drag
strip in under 18 seconds.

See Links for UK drag strip locations.

The club rules are very simple and are as follows:

1. Your Baywindow MUST BE street legal,
(Slicks & stingers may be used on strip only).

2. Any engine/cc (including non-vw) welcome.

3. You must produce your timing slip as proof.

There are 3 qualifing groups/stickers depending on your ¼ mile times:-

Sub18 secs – Bronze.

Sub16 secs – Silver.

Sub14 secs – Gold.

In addition to the stickers, a certificate will be issued.

Contact me either at the show/RWYB (Run What You've Brung) or via email with your timing slip and details. (Name/nickname, model, year, engine/cc).

Address details required for sending your USB stickers/certificates.

Please note - at RWYB meetings there maybe a signing on fee and you must present your driving license.

There is no club membership fee – non profitable – put together for likeminded people to have fun on the track.